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Macclesfield pulled out it’s best sunset for this fun-filled engagement shoot

Back home from Oz

Ruth & Gareth booked their engagement shoot and wedding photography whilst still living in Australia and it seemed they’d brought the weather back with them :) So after a few years in Oz these guys were back for good, along with Tilly the dog who’d flown from Australia with them, a true hybrid of the best of British and Australian as a Collie and Kelpie cross.

An engagement shoot in a place with many memories

Ruth had requested an e-shoot around her family home for sentimental reasons and as they would be moving down south after their honeymoon too, a great idea to have some great images of somewhere that means something to you. Both Ruth and Gareth’s dad’s had been foresters, so the woods were a special place and Shutlingsloe held numerous memories for Ruth as the go to location for any event in their families calendar, even Christmas day! We met up at Ruth’s parents house, for a quick chat and a nice cuppa in the summer house, then we were off to Macclesfield Forest.

A trek up to the top of Shuttlingsloe and a few photos!

Ruth, Gareth and Tilly were amazing and up for anything, so with various photo pit-stops along the way we made our way up to the top of Shutlingsloe :) Ruth and Gareth were super fit too, having competed in Triathlons in Australia, us Pixies had to catch our breath a couple of times! The weather all evening was perfect, dappled summer sunshine in the woods and as a finale the sunset was stupendous. It really was that orange no photoshopping required just the sun in all it’s resplendent glory, worth the walk out even without taking the pictures!

See you at The Ashes wedding venue….

So having landed in the UK these guys have just under two months to finalise and organise their wedding, we’re sure it’ll be one of the best as they’re so laid back, chilled out and great fun too – see you at The Ashes in June :)


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Forest Engagement shoot

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Macclesfield woods engagement shoot

Manchester wedding photographer shoot

Spring leaves England

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Cheshire engagement shoot best views


Fun engagement shoot


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Engagement shoot by Pixies in the Cellar-Wedding PhotographyBlogPrices & Contact

Location: Macclesfield Forest

Ruth & Gareths’ wedding day on our blog


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