A bit about Pete & Sara!

We’re wedding photographers, based in Manchester – you may have guessed that bit by now ;)

Well, we live in a big old Victorian house with a huge view over Stalybridge and moorland (which Sara really loves). European city’s are a fave including Rome, Paris and Barcelona. We both love camping especially when all our friends get together around the camp fire… ‘Can hear those veggie sausages sizzling already! :)

Other stuff would be… long boarding, the odd park run here or there, flamenco guitar, Sara’s home-made pizzas with a nice bottle of red, dark chocolate, Vangelis, film’s that make you feel something, fresh ground coffee, sneezing three times and second breakfast on a Sunday morning (especially sat in one of Manchester’s Northern Quarter cafes or summer chilled out vibes at Manchester’s streetfood GRUB extravaganza) :) So that’s us when we’re not being wedding photographers, but more importantly how about when we are…read on… 

Like you, we hate having our own pic taken, hence the very dodgy face-pulling selfies! So, stealth is the name of the game when we shoot your wedding day :)

Pixies in the Cellar Pete SaraLet’s face it this should be more about you – So what do you get from us as you wedding photographers on your day?

We love taking pictures at weddings, which is a good thing I guess! And we’re on the other side of the camera, don’t worry we totally understand it’s bit weird having your photo taken and we won’t make you do any contrived poses or stand in a heart shape!!! Everyone’s happy and dressed up all fancy (or not), so what’s not to like.  OK, it does just happen once, so there’s a wee bit of pressure there :) From getting ready preparing for your day, through to the night drawing in, it really is a great honour to document the whole of your special day, so you can re-live it again and again! Check out our blog, for recent weddings. 

I love capturing people, their emotions and expressions those special fleeting moments, whilst Sara has an eye for details – all this whilst making ourselves as unobtrusive as possible. Most of the day you’ll find us lurking in corners, behind bushes, just behind that eccentric auntie, waiting for those split second real moments that make up your wedding day – documentary style wedding photography.

Why have two photographers – well why not?! No seriously it’s so much of a bonus, as we can be in two places at once (groom and bride prep covered), shoot those important group photos whilst not missing other stuff that’s going on too, be in two places at once during your ceremony (all angles covered!) and well we both see your story slightly differently, so you get the story told through two sets of eyes :)

Then it’s time for refining and subtly enhancing your wedding photos… manipulating images for high-end fashion and marketing is something I’ve done for many years, long before traditional wedding photographers knew PhotoShop existed, so your images are in safe hands :) Please have a read here.

If you like what you see please drop us a line. Pop by for a coffee and a chat about your wedding day plans and our wedding photography – no obligation at all. If you fancy booking us for your wedding day, then a small booking fee secures your date :) See you soon!

Pete & Sara AKA The Pixies!

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