Pixies in the Cellar – Manchester Wedding Photographers Question Corner!

We’ve tried to cover the most popular questions here – if you have a more bizarre request do get in touch, we do love a new question!

So we like your style, what do we do next?

Contact us! Let us know your wedding date, where it is, any other juicy info and we’ll get back to you with our availability and current pricing. If we’re available you can book straight away, arrange a video call or meet us in the flesh and have a chat over a nice cuppa or a glass of your favourite tipple :)

How much is your wedding photography deposit??

£300, PayPal, cheque, bank transfer or even crinkly notes too! This reserves your date with the balance payable one calendar month before your wedding date (PayPal only for deposit payments, not available for payment of the balance)

When do we need to book you as our wedding photographers?

If you’re thinking about photography then book now! We generally take bookings 12-18 months in advance and shoot a maximum of 25-35 weddings a year, so once all our dates are taken I’m afraid that’s it. Most people tend to book in their venue, followed quite soon by their photographer, as good photographers do get booked up early.


So how does it work on the day?

Natural documentary style photographic coverage kicks off the day with bridal preparation, capturing a few details, the anticipation and excitement of the big day ahead. We can also cover groom prep if you’d like this. Throughout your day we’ll unobtrusively record your day through great distinctive photography. We’ll slot in a short non-posed portrait session of just the two of you at a natural break in the day, making sure you have plenty of time to enjoy your own party. Our photographic coverage culminates shortly after your first dance, just long enough to capture some atmospheric dancing! We like to capture the essence of you, the sense of occasion and history that is your day with all your friends and family having a great time.

Two wedding photographers are perfect for full coverage, you get more angles and situations captured, not forgetting being in two places at the same time. Sara often also helps with additional lighting in some of our more creative shots. Our wedding photography is natural documentary or reportage style coupled with our fine art style to make your bride & groom time (portrait) session unique. And it’s all great fun too, especially after the odd glass of bubbly (that’s for you not us!)

Do you take family group shots at our wedding?

Yes, of course. We have a maximum of twelve different groups as a limit, which will take a maximum of thirty miutes. We’ll make sure we have a list of the groups you’d like before the day so we know there is the space and time to capture these ‘mantlepiece’ historic shots. If you don’t want any or just a couple then great, it’s your wedding we just want to capture your day as you’d like it.


We’re not sure what time to have our wedding ceremony….

Your wedding day goes so quickly, everyone will tell you this but it really is true! We’d always recommend an earlier ceremony, more time = more chilled out relaxed wedding day to enjoy. As a general rule a minimum of two hours between the end of your ceremony and sitting down to eat/speeches (whichever is first) is a good length of time (excluding any travel time.) This nicely fits in mingling with your guests, eating canapes, drinking some fizz, group photos and some images of the two of you, in a relaxed non-rushed way. More time is always good, especially if you have extra entertainment or different activities planned.

Another thing to consider is the time of year, late May-early August you have the luxury of lighter nights, whilst mid winter November-February daylight ends in the afternoon, so an early ceremony is essential if you’d like photos in daylight. We’re always happy to help with your planning, we’ve been to a lot of weddings so we do have a fair bit of experience of what works well :)

What if it rains on our wedding day?

We’re Manchester wedding photographers, so if we’re not prepared for the rain who will be! Embrace the weather, it’s the UK and you never know what you’re going to get :) We’ll never drag your guests out into the elements but for the two of you it’s worth a little water for some epic images – rain can make for great photo opportunities!

We’re getting married in Outer Mongolia?

Great :) We’ve never been there!! We love going to different locations, venues, countries even!!! For venues over two hours travel time away, we may need to add on a cost for one/two nights accommodation too – likewise destination weddings would be priced according to location, flights/accommodation etc – Just ask and we can work out the costings :)

We’re getting married in a boatyard then my mums back garden – is this OK?

Whatever your venue there’ll be some great photo opportunities, we love every kind of venue from bold city-centre architecture to rustic-vintage weddings, classic stately home backdrops, country shabby-chic and everything in between. Also, if there’s somewhere en-route between your ceremony and reception or just somewhere close by that you fancy having your couple shots at then we’d love it too :)

If you’re still looking for a venue, you might find some ideas on our collated county guides for some of the best wedding venues in Manchester, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire.


What happens after the wedding?

Whilst you’re enjoying yourselves on honeymoon, we’ll be attached to our computers tweaking your images to bring them to their full glory. Approximately four-six weeks* after your wedding you will receive your images (at least 500 images for a full days coverage) via the online password protected gallery and full hi-res digital download. *Summer high season weddings this may be six-eight weeks.

What can I do with my images?

While the photographer always retains copyright of the images, i.e. you can’t sell them on to a third party and make a profit. Your images are yours, so you can print and share as many as you like for yourselves or family and friends. Family and friends can also purchase prints online if they don’t want to pester you :)


Are you insured or affiliated to any societies?

We are fully insured, very boring but it has to be done! We’re members of Best of Wedding Photography, International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and Fearless Photographers which are all invitation only groups of the highest quality photographers in the UK and the world – so not too shabby really! Also achieving several highly contested Fearless Awards, MyWed Editors Choice Awards and ‘Wedding Photography Select Awards’.

We’d like a wedding album, how does this work?

Most people discuss this after their wedding, (sometimes years later!) where we can go through the options for album design and production.


Do you carry spares?

Yes, we’re a bit obsessed and have multiples of most lenses or something similar. We also carry two spare camera bodies. And there’s two of us so a spare Pixie too!


I don’t like my nose, chin, left forearm, mouth open, mouth closed, teeth etc etc

There’s always one bit of yourself you don’t like, it means you’re human and not a robotic clone! We’re all different, embrace it and that’s why your other half is marrying you :) We take our photographs in a natural way to express you and your character. You really wouldn’t want us to be telling you to stretch your chin out or turn the opposite way it would make us feel uneasy and you and ruin the natural creative flow of the photography process. If you really want directed images where you’re posed to the perfect position then we’re really not the photographers for you and we recommend looking for a more traditional photographer. We love to photograph the two of you together being yourselves be it mouth open wide having a laugh, wrinkled up faces, wonky teeth go for it….it’s you and that’s what everyone at your wedding really loves.

What if you’re ill or get taken away by aliens?

Having been in the wedding industry a number of years we’re lucky enough to have a tight knit group of similar photographers, who would be our first port of call in the event of disaster. We then have other emergency cover and back up groups of photographers whom we could call upon. The wedding photography industry is a great place and everyone is willing to help out if disaster strikes. This has only ever happened once though in fifteen years of shooting weddings – so we’d like to think we’re fairly healthy (touch wood) :)

Would you like any food on the day?

This is a common question as caterers will often ask you if you need any meals for suppliers. We’re really happy and prefer bringing our own food as this means we can grab something at the beginning of your wedding breakfast and then perhaps plan a few shots for the evening. For destination weddings, then if possible a small meal or snack would be appreciated.

What do you wear on the day?

Invisibility cloaks, well in an ideal magical world we would. In reality we try to be as inconspicuous as possible so usually wear smart casual black/grey/navy trousers and black/grey shirt or polo shirt.


We’d also like video footage

We only shoot still photography but can recommend some great videographers to work alongside ourselves. If you would like a wedding film it’s important for us to work with established and experienced videographers so we can effectively work together to both create the best images for you. Obviously this does involve compromises on both sides, as in many cases both photo and video aren’t able to shoot exactly the same moments from the same angles. We have worked alongside many videographers and are happy to do so but it’s best if their approach is similar to ourselves with a documentary non-posed approach. It’s also worth noting that inevitably your videographers may be in the background of some photos (and visa versa for your video/film) whilst we endeavour not to get in each others way sometimes events unfold quickly and there’s no way around the situation but to shoot with the videographer present.


What have others said about Pixies in the Cellar?

Nip over to our reviews page for a few comments from past couples over the years

Who should we choose as our wedding photographers?

Well, us of course! But seriously we really want couples to choose Pixies in the Cellar because they love our images and photographic style. We’d always say to every couple, first and foremost love the images, then get on with your photographer and be happy with the price. So how do you know you’ve ticked all these boxes? Look around the website, look at blogs that are at similar venues to your own and at a similar time of year. Chat with your photographer be it in person, by phone or video call or even through email conversations, this way you can get a good feel for their personality and way they work on the day. Price, everyone has a budget for their day. We think photography is an important part of the wedding day because after the words have been spoken, the cake’s been cut and the disco’s over then you have each other (most importantly!) and the photos as memories of your day. Plan your wedding budget to meet your priorities for the day. Wedding photography pricing does vary but generally you do get what you pay for as with everything else in life. Check our availability and pricing for your wedding day.

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