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Hanbury Wedding Barn photography, a postponed covid wedding – Part one, to be continued….

It should have been April but it was now August, it should have been 100-ish but now we were 30…you know the story, this is 2020 :/

Early 2020 – wedding plans for a great wedding party at Hanbury Wedding Barn

So we met with Katie and Dom over a pint in a cute little pub in Macclesfield, our pre-wedding meeting in early March. Looking forward to shooting at the sparkly new wedding venue in Hanbury, a fantastic purpose built barn venue in the Staffordshire countryside. There were murmurings of virus and what if’s but we joked nonchalantly of the impending zombie apocalypse and carried on planning as normal. Two weeks later the world had changed and weddings were no go :( We kept in touch and as the restrictions eased Katie and Dom were eager to tie the knot in Hanbury. So a very 2020 Zoom call later and we had our notes for wedding plan B.

Climbing walls and masks

The day began in Alton, the very cute village just next to Alton Towers. Katie had ordered her special wedding mask and had got her slot at the hairdressers – we’d made our own masks too (black stealth style – not my usual stripy multicoloured one). Katie’s natural hairstyle complete and it was off to their very very cute bijou house for bridal prep to continue. Dom and his best man were still back at base and swiftly threw on their wedding attire before heading off to Hanbury.

With make artists still not allowed to work Katie’s cousin had offered to do the job, even though she couldn’t be at the wedding herself. Katie and Dom were both keen, super keen, climbers, so much so that they had there own climbing practice wall at home. So why not grab a few holds and dangle precariously with your maid of honour before your wedding, why not indeed :)

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At Hanbury Dom and Tom made sure that everything was in hand before their select list of 30 guests could arrive. We were welcomed by Adrian the owner of Hanbury and super friendly chap too – this was their first wedding of 2020! Good old Covid! The barns are all super gorgeous and brand sparkly new too. As the ceremony had to be socially distanced the ceremony was held in the light and bright Woodend Barn, with views out over the courtyard. Katie and dad and her bridesmaid had made their way along the country lanes in the vintage chic Daisy VW camper, so arrived in style before the main event kicked off.

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Katie and Dom’s main request was loads an loads of documentary photos, just everyone having a great time being themselves. Which is good as that’s what we do :) However, this is 2020 – so as the guest list had shrunk and we had plenty of time on our hands they decided on a quick wander into the fields just beyond Hanbury Wedding Barn. It would have been rude not to, given the amazing bright yellow fields in full bloom – can’t go wrong with such fab colours.

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As these two were climbing nuts, then again as we had loads of time, and no real reception was allowed – so the camper van whisked them off to Ramshaw Rocks, close to Leek. Dom had ‘fond’ memories of the odd fall here many years ago and it does have amazing views of the Staffordshire countryside too. The plan had been for Dom to take to the rocks bouldering style and Tom even carried their bouldering mat all the way up incase of such an event. As it happens they’d both enjoyed the champagne en route so much so that Dom decided ‘drink-climbing’ wouldn’t be the best option. So just a few scrambles on the tops of the rocks for a quick pic or two.

climbers wedding bouldering matStaffordshire wedding Ramshaw Rocks climbing photoclimbers wedding UKAlternative wedding dress change

So, just the week before the wedding the rues had changed, again and wedding receptions were off…but pubs were open…so a ‘not a wedding reception’ met up with some of their guests was the finalé to the day. But a wedding dress is not your usual pub attire, so a dress change was needed. Layby, bouldering mat and a few pairs of friendly hands and hey presto wedding dress to summer dress in a flash.

covid weddingoutdoor dress change covid wedding best man covid wedding

A Covid wedding

Our advice is if you just want to tie the knot, then go for it – you can still have an amazing day, no matter how many people are there. Katie and Dom had a really brilliant day, in spite of all the ups and downs. Katie got to have all her grandparents watch her get married and they even managed to leave the country for a honeymoon too :) And then there’s part two to look forward to next August, where fingers crossed all their original guests can make the party to celebrate their wedding, albeit a year or so later. So we get to photograph more of Hanbury Wedding Barn, in it’s party mode.

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Wedding Venue: Hanbury Wedding Barn

VW Campervan: Daisy’s Vintage

Alton hairdressers: Old Stables Hairdressing


Thinking of getting wed at Hanbury Wedding Barn? Here’s our lowdown :)

Well for photography you can guarantee that at Hanbury Wedding barn they’ve thought of most things, as Adrian the owner is also a wedding photographer. As an example of this they even went to the trouble to bury one of the main electricity cables so it didn’t cut across the gardens – now that’s attention to detail :)

There are three main barn areas, the original Red Barn where usually they would hold cosy ceremonies with everyone surrounded by the beams and warm tones of the brick and wood. After your ceremony then there’s loads of space no matter what the weather to enjoy your party and mingle with all your favourite people – either in the Woodend Barn or the adjoining courtyard. Perfect to enjoy both outside and in. So you prefer the great outdoors, for an alfresco ceremony you can’t say fairer than the garden pavilion overlooking the mini lake and it’s tree filled island.

Into the night the Eland barn is revealed, a gorgeous space to enjoy your wedding breakfast. All of the barns have a fantastic light bright feel, whilst still retaining that rustic charm of the farm bulling they once were. If you’re looking for a modern take on a barn wedding in the Staffordshire or south Derbyshire are then this is definitely a wedding venue you should have a nosey at.

PS. They can do big too :) Once all this covid is over there’s space for up to 200 – so when we’re allowed that big wedding party you wished for, well Hanbury will definitely be able to fit you all in. Oh and we’d love to join you to photograph all those amazing memories and little quirky moments that make up your day too.


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