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Wedding Photography Select Awards – Collection 27

Our nine winning images :)

Well we were quite shocked to scoop nine awards in one go, from WPS – an international directory of wedding photographers, which we’ve been members of with for quite a few years now. Our haul of awards has placed us at number six in their top 20 worldwide photographers (June 2017) – so honoured to be included in this list amongst so many great names in the wedding photography world. Trick now is to try and get some more next time round….

From Lancaster to Bournemouth we love that our award winners stretch the whole of the UK. The winning images show a perfect mix of both our documentary natural coverage alongside those moments we capture whilst we wander off with the bride and groom for a couple of ‘just the two of you’ pics.

So which photos won? Here they are, with a little bit of info about each one;

Award winning wedding image UK

1. This is what’s best about dark evenings – a bit of extra lighting and Pete rolling around in the grass!! Joe and Nichola just stepped out from their party for couple of mins to create this iconic image from their day.

Best documentary photography moments

2. Best man’s speech doing what they do best embarrassing the groom and keeping the guests entertained at Browsholme Hall. This one’s a double award winner and also won us a Fearless photographers award:)

Worlds best wedding photography images - bride groom

3. Melissa and Craig very much the couple in love which exudes from this real moment during their short time out with the two of us at Ashton Memorial. We do love a reflection or two to bring context and extra interest into a situation.

Award winning bridal prep natural photography UK

4. Nichola’s final finishing touches at Mythe Barn, just before she walked down the aisle to meet Joe. Just Nichola, a make-up artist, stunning red lipstick all reflected in the bridal suite mirror – a natural moment as it happened.

Best Goth wedding images

5. Wait until night time grab a torch take the bride and groom to some dark dark woods at their venue, add a bit of smoke (plus some light pollution!) and a pic befitting this Goth wedding at Mitton Hall was the story behind this one.

Wedding photography Select awards framing real moments

6. Arrival moments framed; another double award winner from this Equadorian English wedding match at Highcliffe Castle, with the very bubbly smiley Prily and her very English husband Anthony in all his military splendour.

Best city centre winter wedding photography

7. A car park :) Thinking out of the box for winter wedding images in city centre Manchester – love this iconic image of Vicky and Rob from their GJS Manchester wedding, helped along by mother natures touch and ‘perfect’ town planning for a wind tunnel effect!

Winning wedding photography images UK

8. A sneaky peek from the flowergirl – Jen not quite ready but getting there ;) Moments before a great wedding day held at Abbeywood Estate.

Wedding photography select awards international winners

9. And finally Melissa & Craig made the cut twice – love this Ashton Memorial shot taking in the amazing building, one of their flower girls and a silhouette  – a subtle representation of the day all in one image.

Thanks to the judges for liking our pics too and most of all huge thanks to all our brides and grooms – for all those moments to capture and for trusting us when we lead you down dark paths into the woods…..

Massive congrats to all the other winners too :) Check out all the most recent winning Wedding Photography Select awards.

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