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Greater Manchester church & Lowry Theatre wedding photography

Another of our ‘bucket list’ venues that we can now say we’ve shot at :) The Lowry theatre is such a great colourful bold building in an amazing setting that it was definitely somewhere that we’d had our eye on for some years. Having met Oonagh and Craig a few weeks before their wedding we knew that it would be a great day, as they were so laid back and happy to go with the flow! Hopefully we’ll be back for more Lowry theatre wedding photography in the future too – we just loved this wedding!

Autumnal wedding day amidst the trees of St.Marks churchyard

So it was that very autumnal weather and colours that you always image for late October, a little chilly but dry and the trees just turning their orange-y hues. Oonagh and the girls were getting ready at The Marriott hotel just two mins away from the church. As is always the way the closer you are the later you arrive and so it was to be, with the Craig anxiously waiting at the front of the church. So it was a quick dash from the bridal car to moments later walking down the aisle.

Wedding photography in churches

So just time for a side note and a bit of advice from our experience of certain church weddings. St.Marks at Worsley is very strict in that you can only stand behind railings to the side of where everything is taking place and then only at certain times after which photographs are only allowed from the rear of the church. Photographically this isn’t great to cover the whole story of your wedding day we’d normally shoot with Pete at the front in a position to be able to see both of your expressions and capture the emotion whilst being unobtrusive. We are very careful to ensure that the focus is on you and your ceremony and not the photography. If you are planning a church wedding and would definitely like it covered photographically then do please check with the clergy and staff of the church what the rules are regarding photography.

Back to the wedding!

Outside the congrats flowed and the skies stayed dry for a few family and friends photos, whilst other friends were getting their heels stuck in the grids outside the church! Under a flurry of confetti we left the church for a few quick photos in Worsley. Craig’s grandad had been involved in building of the bridge over the Bridgewater canal, so it seemed an apt location and fitting for their day.

Into Salford Quays for the party to begin

Whilst guests enjoyed fizz downstairs in the Pier Eight lounge, upstairs the final touches were being put to the stunning Compass room with it’s amazing views over Media City. After food and speeches then we had a short slot of time for some Lowry theatre wedding photography :) By this time and in October the light had long gone, which wasn’t a problem as this place comes to life at night time, so many city lights. Once outside we were swamped by hundreds of bright pink crazy sponsored walkers raising money for Christies, which in itself was a great addition of life to the pics but more so as these two had met at The Christie :) Serendipity indeed!!

Back inside in the warm, just time for one more speech well more a poem by Rosie, Oonagh’s slightly crazy sister with her prize possession for the day of flashing disco trainers! Toons, more congrats and roast beef butties filled the evening, we left with one final pic over the city lights – all very fitting again as these guys were off to New York for their honeymoon.


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Venue: The Lowry Theatre

Video: Nicholas Visuals

Flowers: Jemma Holmes


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