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Hargate Hall Wedding Photography for this very chilled out August Bank Holiday wedding weekend :)

Emma and Chris had the most perfect chilled out wedding at Derbyshire’s most perfect DIY venue! We love our annual visit for some Hargate Hall wedding photography – we’d be happy to make it a more frequent occurance too!. As a DIY wedding venue, Hargate Hall is pretty unique in offering so much onsite accommodation too which means your wedding lasts the whole weekend :)

Wedding photography for a professional photographer…..

This wedding had a little bit of extra pressure with Chris being a professional photographer, along with a smattering of photographer guests too, but this extra pressure was balanced by Emma being the most chilled out bride ever! The Buxton weather held out, good for a bank holiday weekend, so Emma and Chris got their wish of an outdoor ceremony in the tiny summer house, with all their family and friends huddled around. Champagne and special wedding cocktails flowed, Scout their dog got in on the photos too with her colour co-ordinated ribbon and the sun kept shining!

Packing everything into a late summer afternoon ceremony

Their late ceremony (4pm) meant everything was quite condensed, so no sooner had they sat down for their antipasti sharing starters and yummy meal, prepared by Emma’s brother who is conveniently an ace chef, then the sun was setting and we were off making the most of the golden light. It seems there were some bulls also wanting to make the most of the golden light too and we had a little stand off – but as Chris’s surname was also Bull the animals succumbed to their human namesake and ran off into the sunset leaving us to capture a couple more photos in the Derbyshire hills :)

Tunes, disco moves and a fish ‘n’ chip supper

Back at Hargate the band were setting up, one of Chris’s relatives this time sharing his skills. An amazing band too, great sounds and vocals to boogie the night away too, whilst also enjoying the fish and chip van outside. Not to mention all the bake-off cakes that were on offer, nobody was going to go hungry!

Catch us in action again for more fantastic weddings with our photography at Hargate Hall

A teeny tiny church ceremony and ceilidh action • 2019

An autumnal wedding celebration full of colour • 2017

Hargate Hall early Spring 2016


Hargate Hall Wedding Photography

wedding sign

stonework head at hargate hall

bake-off wedding cakes

bride getting ready hargate hall

looking at phone

groom in hat bunting and lanterns

summer house hargate hall buxton bunting

wedding bunting

hargate hall main hall with lanterns

wedding cakes label flowers

origami crane candelabras in marquee

hargate hall apartment

filling up the bar hargate hall wedding

plastic cocktail glasses

pink and white wedding bouquet

summer trees and sky

bride applying make-up

applying eyeliner

groom and hair dryer

groom getting ready hargate hall

girl in mirror

groom in mirror

bride hargate hall apartment

bride in mirror gypsophila flower crown

bride and bridesmaid hug

bride arriving hargate hall

outdoor summer ceremony hargate hall

violinist summer wedding

groom waiting in tweed

hargate hall outdoor ceremony peak district

outdoor wedding ceremony hargate hall

summer house wedding ceremony derbyshire

bride groom holding hands

wedding guest crying

wedding guests summer

summerhouse outdoor wedding ceremony Peak District

Hargate Hall Outdoor wedding ceremony

outdoor boho wedding ceremony

soft pink bridesmaids gypsophila bouquets

Just married hugs

Outdoor wedding hargate hall

summer wedding hargate hall buxton

hargate hall wedding photography champagne

congratulations hugs

just married hugs boho wedding

DIY wedding fizz

wedding reception hargate hall buxton

summer wedding peak district

girl and dog hug

hargate hall wedding photography

wedding confetti

wedding guest

wedding guests taking photos

summer wedding hargate hall

bridal party group shot summer boho wedding

gypsophila and ribbon bouquet

Antipasti wedding starter platter

real moment

hargate hall wedding photography

peak district wedding photography

bride groom pearls and tweed

making the thank you sign

buxton spring water wedding

groom speech

wedding guest at speeches

man listening to speeches

bride wiping tears away

laughing wedding guest

bride groom speeches

wedding toast in marquee

bride groom big sky

Peak District wedding photography

Derbyshire wedding photography silhouette


wedding sunset

hargate hall wedding photographer peak district landscape

electric guitar

early evening marquee hargate hall

wine barrels on tap wedding

first dance hargate hall

haragte hall wedding evening party

hargate hall wedding photography

hargate hall disco

hargate hall wedding dancing

hargate hall wedding photography

wedding band sax and vocals

haragte hall at night

party through windows hargate hall wedding

Hargate Hall wedding photography at night


Hargate Hall Wedding Photography by Pixies in the Cellar-Wedding PhotographyBlogPrices & Contact

Venue: Hargate Hall

Fish and Chip van: KK catering


So you’re holding your wedding celebrations at Hargate Hall? Firstly congratulations on finding one of the best DIY wedding venues in the UK, that’s assuming you’re after a laid back weekend in a gorgeous setting with accommodation for nearly everyone. We absolutely love a Hargate Hall wedding, we would be super happy to join you and document all those amazing memories of your wedding day in great photos.

Why do we love Hargate Hall for wedding photography?

Firstly some of our best friends tied the knot there back in 2009, our first experience as Hargate Hall wedding photographers and we’ve pretty much been back every year since (three times in 2018 – yay!) We loved being able to spend the whole weekend with everyone, Friday night pizza’s in the main hall and a Sunday BBQ really topped and tailed the wedding day in such a communal friendly way.

Secondly Anthony, Julie and family that run Hargate Hall are all amazing and we love to catch up with the tweaks that they make to the hall over the years. From it’s original less than looked after state /youth hostel vibe to the more modernised (yet still genuine) feel the apartments now have.

The whole weekend it’s just such a great way to celebrate your wedding with all your family and friends. People can arrive on the Friday night as and when they can get there, a chilled out night or last minute prep with all your friends from near and far – perfect. The wedding day itself is so chilled out all in one place. Then Sunday to recover reminisce and perhaps take in the surrounding countryside with a short walk say. We love photographing all those interactions and reunions of friends from times gone by or acquaintances from different parts of your lives coming together. 

The location – can’t get much better than the Peak District. For photography of your day we’re spoilt for choice there’s plenty of rustic charm and that countryside vibe at Hargate Hall itself. But also on the doorstep within a 5 min drive there are multiple amazing spots to take in a bigger landscape or vista – even a sunset if you’re lucky. 

Not forgetting Hargate Hall – the grand but understated building. The main hall works so well for both your wedding ceremony and for the evening dancing. With it’s dark moody feel even in the summer months you can fill the dance floor, whilst having chill out space in some of the apartments.

Oh and now there’s the fire pit too, very cosy for a summers evening :)

And the option of outdoor ceremonies too

We could go on and on…basically if you’ve not got the point already we’d love to join you to photograph your Hargate Hall wedding – just for the day or even for the weekend if you have a whole host of activities planned. See you all there


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