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Foel Ortho – a magical place :)

Birthday/1st wedding anniversary party weekend in a magical corner of Wales – Wedding photographers weekend off :)

So what do wedding photographers do on their weekends off, well we recently combined two birthdays and our first wedding anniversary in an excuse to visit Foel Ortho, with lots of friends :) Well we couldn’t not take some pics so here’s a taster of the weekend.

Truly alternative venue for parties :) WE LOVE IT!

Foel Ortho is a truely magical corner of Wales, seeing is believing. There’s a higgledy piggledy farmhouse sleeping 17, a warm and cosy bunkhouse for 12 and even a bijou treehouse just for two, so plenty of space for everyone to sleep over. Here’s a few snaps of the amazing amazing place that it is, they can do small intimate wedding receptions. If quirky, alternative, colourful and very cool is your thing then this is definitely a place to check out – and we’d love to go back so if you need some photos you know who to call!


Quirky Welsh wedding venue

wedding photographers weekend off

wedding photographers weekend off

Man playing horn Eddie Matthews

Party with tankard

Children clapping

Foel Ortho party

watching red boot band

Wales barbecue party foel ortho

Dad and daughter wales party

Welsh small wedding reception party venue


Foel Ortho follies children


Red boot band bath in Wales


At Foel Ortho – A Farmhouse in Wales

Music and entertainment from The Red Boot Band

Accordion by Rob Howard

Occasional toot on the horn by Eddie Matthews and the brains behind the craziness ;)

Falsetas on the guitar by Peter Farrell (aka Pixies in the Cellar!)


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