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Michelle and Richard are young, bouncy, trendy and full of energy. We shot their pre-wedding photos a couple of months prior to the wedding which was great fun, especially shot in the late summer evening light.

When Michelle walked down stairs (excuse the cliché) but she really did look like a princess, she was ready in plenty of time which was perfect for lots of final touches pic’s with all her bridesmaids.

Their whole wedding took place at the magnificent Saddleworth Hotel where getting married outside is the thing to do… Michelle arrived during a monsoon, not to worry, everyone waited in the car for an extra five min’s then bingo! the sun came out, rain evaporated and summer was back… the outdoor ceremony was quickly organised and Michelle got the dream wedding she’d always wanted…perfect :) even combining a personalised rendition of “Marry You” by a selection of Michelle’s pupils from her school – very cute!

The weather stayed great for their emotional and tearful ceremony (the groom that is!) but half way through their portrait sesh (which only lasts about 30 min’s) the monsoon returned, we were totally pinned under a brolly, rain bouncing down in bucket loads which we all saw the funny side of (check out the shot of Michelle drying the groom off with hairdryer – funny!)

All in all a brilliant wedding finishing off with some moody evening portraits and (yes, you guessed it) a really bouncy, energetic first dance, disco and a blistering firework display… Great fun :)