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Nicola and Mike’s pre-wedding shoot took place in a completely different environment than their wedding. Their ‘e’ shoot was around Castlefield in Manchester… very urban, punchy and colourful. Their ceremony took place at the Saddleworth Hotel which is green, pristine and very rural (though I did manage a few ‘Castlefield’ style riveted girders on our ‘out and about’ portrait sesh :)

It was a magnificent day to tie the knot at this amazing venue, the sun shining with patchy fluffy clouds… perfect for all kinds of groovy photos :)

Nicola & Mike did what you simply have to do here when sunny… get married in the Saddleworth’s outdoor stone gazebo. All this venue needs is a huge waterfall and it’ll look like the mythical Rivendell from Lord of the Rings :)

Nicola and Mike had the opportunity to go for a spin in the Saddleworth’s out-of-this-world Rolls Royce Phantom (this machine has to be experienced to be believed), so I tagged along too to capture some very windswept moorland images. This time we chose an old sailing lake complete with rustic wooded sheds, giant rusting girders in long flowing grass set against the breathtaking scenery of the Yorkshire moors… Nicola and Mike were great and simply enjoyed the moment, all I had to do was capture it :)

A few more evening shots before the night sprung into action in the hugely impressive and city-chic ballroom of the Saddleworth Hotel. A very lively evening followed an intimate and snuggly first dance – Perfect finalé to a fantastic day :)