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Whimsical Wedding Sandburn Hall

A Whimsical Wedding at Sandburn Hall, York.

Martina & Chris had found their dream venue in Sandburn Hall, they have a love of all things ‘Lord of the Rings’, especially Martina, so they loved the rustic, grand feel of the hall and Griffon Forest surrounding the venue.

We arrived at Claxton Hall Cottages, where Martina and he girls were getting ready, the bride was just a little anxious, to say the least! We took it slowly and eventually the dress was on, the hair and Elfish hair piece in and it was all stations go. Martina brought along her replica Lord of the Rings sword and we managed to create a rather feminine image with the two of them, check it out below :)

Just enough time during the ceremony for Sara to clamber up the ladder onto the balcony for a couple of birds eye shots of the gorgeous hall in full swing. The ceremony ended with a very live confetti throwing as bride and groom walked down the aisle. Then onto the woods (a little like Mirkwood in places!) whilst Peter, Chris and Martina were ‘relaxing’ taking pictures the rain had started so again Sara had her fitness and agility tested with a run to the car to fetch the umbrellas! Phewph!

The cake was a present from Chris’s mum and dad which was simply amazing :) One of the best cakes we’ve seen this year, the detailing was stunning! The flowers were up there too on our list of favourites, very rustic and wild looking in cute watering cans too.

The highlight to the day had to be during the speeches. Martina has ALWAYS wanted to go to New Zealand (wonder why!) So, during Chris’s speech he spilled the beans to Martina and everyone that they were flying out the following day… Martina had no idea, the emotion from bride and her bridesmaid was palpable culminating in floods of tears from Martina. Absolutely stunning! :)

Photography: Pixies in the Cellar
Venue: Sandburn Hall
Flowers: Sarah Elizabeth of York
Cake: Sugar Monkey Cake Co

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