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Thought we’d go all seasonal and just blog this wedding from a few years ago, pre-blog era! Emma and Matt’s Goth wedding, Sat 31st October 2009 and with a full moon too! This has to be one of our quirkiest wedding so far…. Emma was definitely the star of the show with an amazing black and crimson wedding dress, fantastic jewellery and very opulent hair extensions, she definitely looked the part :) Everyone had been told the attire was to be black and red and they all looked great.

We just love the pre-wedding shots of the rings, with a black cat posing in the background! The legal ceremony took place at Macclesfield Town Hall, where we caught a few snaps of the Gothic exterior of the building and a nearby mill, although Emma’s heels were too extreme for her to climb the stairs!

On to Clonter Opera Theatre, a theatre complex nestled in the Cheshire countryside, with fantastic autumn colours – this is where the ‘real’ ceremony took place, complete with high priestess, cauldron and the finale of ‘jumping the broom’. Group shots were taken under a candlelit oat tree, with a few goulish poses thrown in for good measure and some great couple shots of Emma and Matt under a full moon!

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