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Gemma & Mark’s wedding was a rather chilly affair! Whilst in sunny Holmfirth (getting ready shots) Gemma was all up for having her ceremony outdoors in the Saddleworth Hotel’s amazing stone gazibo… that was until she arrived ‘over the border’ in Lancashire… brrrrrrrr… freezing!

Luckily for everyone the Saddleworth Hotel has a very cosy and intimate indoor ceremony room, perfect for one of those nippy Lancashire winter days  :)

Apart from a ‘little too long for comfort’ delay of the bride entering the ceremony room (due to a wee glitch in the sound system) everything went great… well, apart from Gemma’s Dad not knowing when to give her away (more training required for Dad’s maybe!).

Hats off to everyone for venturing out into the cold for some group and family shots, which made going back inside all the better… apart from Gemma & Mark who had to brave the chill for a few more minutes… about thirty actually, but they survived OK and their album will look all the better for it too  :)

Great atmosphere during the after-dinner speeches then onto their first dance followed by a ‘very’ chilly (but most impressive) firework display. I’m guessing at some point after this (following the Pixies departure) the ‘famous’ Saddleworth bacon butties (with vegetarian option!) will have emerged… Note to self – must hang around a little longer next time :))