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They ran from the camera until they got all dressed up… now look at ’em… posers!  :)

During my first meeting with Charlotte and Lee we discussed the idea of grabbing some ‘rustic’ shots at the old derelict pub a few hundred yards from the Saddleworth Hotel… forward a year and a half and Charlotte reminded me of this!

So, following their church ceremony at Armitage Bridge we stopped at this derelict building, set a couple of lights up (all planned of course, not much time!) and started shooting… and created some very individual images (see below) I must say hats off the Charlotte for braving such a ‘non-health and safety’ location in that amazing dress which created an amazing juxta :)

On to the Saddleworth and their chic ballroom reception, fantastic atmosphere and everyone was simply great, especially braving the cool and windy weather for Charlotte and Lee’s group photos.
Finishing off with some great images around the Saddleworth’s grounds and finally on the moors – I love this kind of image… very wuthering heights!

Exciting day ahead  :)
It’s all to do with the light…
Light light light…
He only had one… honest!
Charlotte’s Mum didn’t stop smiling all day!  :)
Here she comes…
Here she is!
That yummy back-light  :)
How ‘English’!
Something I said?!  :))
Gorgeous creamy details!  ahhhh
Laughing at me falling over a grave stone… cheeky!
Armitage Bridge… perfect!
Waiting a long time for some moody shots at this place  :)
Got to be one of my fav’s…
Great juxtaposition (that’s artistic terminology for cute on rough!)
The Saddleworth Hotel Ballroom – very chic!
Love this shot… the light, the expressions  hmmmm…
Hold it right there!
That ‘Wuthering Heights’ shot… love it!