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Just fancied posting this wedding at Fanhams Hall we photographed last December. For some reason it never featured on the Pixies Blog, Christmas getting in the way I guess  :) ho ho!
Anyway… The morning was bright, crisp and very picture perfect at Fanhams Hall in Hertfordshire, Sara was off photographing the groom and his jovial groomsmen at the church whilst I captured some last minute bridal preparation shots of the bride (Anna) and bridesmaids at this stunning and classic location, just time to get some outside shots in the gorgeous early morning light with frost still on the ground.

Off to the church to catch bride arriving in her huge vintage Rolls with it’s musty leather slip-slidey seats (you know the type I mean :), greeted by all her bridesmaids in their navy outfits with silver wraps. Groom (Ian) was looking far to chilled-out… needless to say the ceremony went smoothly with a light-hearted approach.
Back to Fanhams Hall for the celebrations (the best bit!). The banquet hall was simply amazing, so timeless and classic, they looked the perfect models embracing in this wonderfully rich yet playful space.
On to the wedding breakfast which turned very tearful (Sara gets quite emotional at this point, I’m usually too engrossed to realise!). A nice twist during the speeches was the bride getting up and saying a few words (more tears). It’s great when couple’s ‘do your own thing’ don’t you think  :)
Some family shots preceded a little time alone with Anna & Ian to capture some great moments in the unbelievably lavish gardens of Fanhams, this place is soooo ‘stately home’ and you don’t even need to buy tickets… There’s the Norwegian house, a Japanese bridge over a lake with views of a traditional Japanese house, gorgeous tall trees and woodland preened to perfection with all sorts of little nooks lying in wait offering great photo opportunities.
Back inside the hall before Anna & Ian (and the Pixies) froze… just enough time to shoot some gorgeous images around the rooms, corridors and stairs of Fanhams Hall before the dancing and celebrating began.
We (and Anna & Ian) had a fantastic time back in December, I hope the photos do it justice :)