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Viewing room up and running!!

With a bit of jiggery pokkery, a fresh lick of paint, some extra seating and not forgetting the all important projector – our new viewing room’s ready! We decided to upgrade our meeting room, so now you can also come and view your wedding images full size – don’t worry you’ll still be taking them all away with you, no obligation to buy anything else, just a great viewing experience – a bit better than crouched over your laptop… well we think so :) If you like you can choose your album images on the viewing day, which should speed up your layout proof loads…

Our new viewing room is also going to perfect for studio and lifestyle image presentation (when we’re completely up and running in this department!) Images can be viewed at lots of different sizes, very useful for visualising a framed image at your preferred size before you finally decide.

Whilst we’re blogging I thought I’d just mention Pixies in the Cellar have changed from images on disc to images on USB stick :) We’ve made this change as it looks like optical discs might be on their way out. Apple no longer have a CD/DVD drive in their Macbook Pro. At least you get an 8Gb USB stick for free!  :)