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Arrived at Mandy’s house for some bridal preparations shots and fully expected the usual chaos… not so, just Mandy (who was already ready!), her bridesmaid and Mandy’s little son (who mostly ran away).

So, I took advantage and got some great moody portraits of Mandy in her beautiful minimalistic victorian house, with it’s subdued natural light, dark wood with white wall… perfect lighting  :)
On to the Saddleworth Hotel. As usual the weather forecast was terrible, but the reality was far from that, the day turned out great with the ceremony taking place outside in the spectacular grounds of the Saddleworth – followed by some great couple shots away from their guests. There friend’s 70’s VW camper finally turned up too, a little late to get the groom to the ceremony (as he was already there) but got some nice shots with bride and groom to finish the day… perfect!

Love the 1930’s Hollywood style of this shot :)

Dreamy details shots… great!

More great details, shot into the light… just right!

Anthony and his beloved Roller!

Much elegance :)

Wind and veils ahhhhh

This wind was just great!

Moody sky’s over Saddleworth…

Love these paparazzi shots

Honest, they just chopped the lot down! :))

Cool and trendy camper turned up! phewph!!