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So it’s two years since our first foray to Hargate Hall, one of our favourite venues, so we thought we’d blog this pre-blog era Hargate Hall civil partnership from 2009

– brings back great memories of a fantastic weekend, as both photographers and friends of Abi & Karine.

Hargate Hall was the perfect venue for Abi & Karines day, with families coming from Herefordshire, France and lots of friends from London where they first met. Everyone was able to enjoy this Hargate Hall civil partnership and an amazing weekend all under one roof. The Friday night everyone pitched in and cooked pizzas in each apartment for an informal evening of food and drink around huge tables set out in the main hall before the big day.

Ashbourne Town Hall wedding ceremony

As there was so many guests the ceremony took place at Ashbourne Town Hall, so all the guests got a double decker bus ride through the gorgeous Peak District countryside, except there was one of those giant Peak District clouds!!! We did have a wedding brolly for all the guests to sign keeping everyone entertained on the bus – a “Pixies” idea which seemed to go down well :)

Hog roasts, cheese, wine & French music

The clouds parted for a big group shot and a few drinks outside before the hog roast, carried in by one of the far too inquisitive guests for the wedding breakfast held in the marquee. There were a few impromptu speeches, a little play by the French contingent and more French musical notes floating through the air from the accordion – the evening guests arrived in time to enjoy desserts and cheese, a really nice touch and a good idea we’ve not seen elsewhere! ….another good idea, a French tradition, was little messages to write and wrap around a sugar cube, then the bride and bride (or groom depending on your persuasion) take all the sugar cubes home and get messages from family and friends all year around until the sugar runs out :)

Partying & Pétanque

The partying continued into the night in the hall, DJ and lighting provided by friends too :) The next day the weather was a little kinder, boule for the French of course, lots more garden games and a barbecue for a more sedate day on the Sunday :)

Memories of a great Hargate Hall civil partnership and the first of many weddings at this great DIY wedding venue in the Peak District, for more recent wedding photography at Hargate Hall take a nosey at our 2014 and 2015 weddings….2016 wedding on the blog soon too ;)

Hargate Hall civil partnership bridal make-up
Gerbera hair detail wedding photo
wedding rings
Hargate Hall civil partnership
bride putting on shoe
bride in window at Hargate Hall
French wedding guest in beret
bride in car
bride arrives
Gay wedding in Ashbourne two brides outside town hall
Handfasting ashbourne town hall
civil partnership hand fasting green and orange ribbon
Ashbourne wedding signing register
Ashbourne town hall wedding two brides exit
just married gay couple in Ashbourne
confetti twirls and two brides dress detail
Peak District wedding photography in the rain
Peak District rainy wedding with umbrellas
civil partnership two bride in wedding car
Rainy wedding bride arrival Hargate Hall Peak District
Two brides ivory dress and blue dress orange flowers
Wedding group shot from above
Hargate Hall same sex wedding couple happy
Hargate Hall civil partnership in marquee green and rust balloons
Cheese wedding cake
French girl and dad
French wedding guest
bride with blue sash
French people at party french stick and red wine
girl singing and french stick
Hargate Hall Marquee wedding receptionbride with cup of tea at wedding party
Hargate Hall wedding disco
wedding party crowd
metal boule on gravel
Hargate Hall Civil partnership 2009