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Scottish Castle wedding photography… with added sunshine!

Who’d have thought after this summer that we’d make our trip to Rowallan Castle in the west of Scotland and be treated to a glorious sunny day, but that’s how it happened :) All the Scottish boxes were definitely ticked with this wedding, castle (in fact two castles!), kilts, pipers, tying the tartan knot, drinking from the Quaich, thistles all boxes ticked. Gary and Hannah were Scottish through and through and their wedding day reflected this perfectly.

Bacon butties & tattie scones

So that’s how the day started, Hannah’s mum definitely knew how to keep the troops happy ;) Hannah and the girls were super chilled out, making the most of their morning together at Hannah’s family home. At Rowallan Castle the boys and guests arrived passed the old fairytale castle and along the gorgeous tree lined drive to the ‘new’ (but still quite old!) castle. 

Bagpipes, tartan tying & confetti

That pretty much says it all – gotta love the sound of the pipes, well I do any way! Hannah and Gary met, when Hannah volunteered to act as a car crash victim for Gary’s filming project – so not a conventional get together but from that point on they had been inseparable. The tying of the knot confirmed all that was needed to be said and that was that. Time for the party to begin. Tonnes of confetti, the usual family groups (yep we do pretty much always do these, even thought you never see them!) and a quick photo sesh indoors. Gary, a photographer himself was super keen to make the most of the setting and squeeze in as many photos as possible of the two of them. So a good balance of guest mingling, champagne drinking, cocktail quaffing and a few photos – we thrive on the moments and emotion with family and friends, so that time with everyone else is the most important part of the day for us.

Rowallan Castle wedding photography – old and new

Sumptuous scran in bellies, cocktails shaken not stirred, time for guests to chill out before hitting the dance floor. Hannah loved the old castle, so it was time for an evening stroll down the lane to capture those archetypal Scottish romantic castle shots. Dancing, watching the sunset from the terrace, catching up with evening guests, the time just flew by – like every wedding! Time to say our goodbye’s and head back for a well earned rest at our cosy airbnb, before hitting the road back to Manchester.

Scottish wedding photography

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Venue: Rowallan Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Flowers: Twisted Willow


Rowallan Castle – our thoughts, musings and random info :)

It’s a castle, well two castles actually as Mr & Mrs Scottish castle owners decided in the early 19th century that they’d like a new shiny castle just a bit further up the road! So you’ve got the oldy worldy turrets, Disney eat your heart out castle which you’ll see when you first enter the grounds, then you’ve got castle number two – still a mighty castle with all the necessary whistles and bells. So the main part of your wedding day would be in the 19th century castle, with all the mod cons big dining hall, snug library, dark moody ceremony room bar area, stunning stone entrance hall and stairway – you get the picture a pretty nice castle! Ceremonies can take place indoors or out, this being Scotland I’m assuming pretty much anywhere is fair game….

The really old castle can be used for photos but just outside…unless you hire this too! This would be pretty epic, imagine getting ready in one of those torrented rooms, very princess or just quite cool really as princess does sound a bit blurgh and over romanticised (not our thing!) Anyway just thinking out of the box, the old castle is hired out as an airbnb so why not hire this too….maybe pray for good weather and have your ceremony outside this stunning building, then walk up the tree lined drive for your meal..sounds amazing – who knows if it’s possible but worth an ask :) This would be the most amazing Scottish wedding experience (if you can wangle the weather….) So as we’ve given you the idea, it’s only fair that we can come along and snap away at your wedding day unfolding ;)

The main castle is run by the Campbell family who are the owners of the Estate, with their daughter Katy organising the day’s proceedings. All the staff at the venue were super friendly and amenable :) 

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