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Wood Hall Hotel wedding photography, for a windy but sunny Yorkshire wedding day

Wood Hall Hotel and Spa it set just outside the village of Linton, with amazing green views over the Wharfe valley, the perfect setting for a Summer wedding :)

So finally Heather and Ian’s day had arrived, they booked the Pixies for their Wood Hall Hotel wedding photography back in 2013 upon their friends recommendations, whose wedding we couldn’t shoot as we were already booked :/

Multilingual bridal prep

The excitement was building at Heather and Ian’s home, in three different languages no less, French, Mandarin and English all spoke by the bride! Guests arrived at the blustery Wood Hall Hotel whilst the boys flapped around a little making sure the finishing touches were all in place! The choir, friends of Heather’s, had warmed up and everything was set – time for a wedding!

A Windy Wetherby Wedding

Heather and the bridesmaids arrived and were literally blown into the hotel, with plenty of time they could rearrange themselves in the side room before they made their grand entrance. With the official part all done and dusted, time to relax and congratulate outside over looking the amazing views of the Wharfe valley. Confetti had to thrown very strategically as it was literally blown out of people hands with force straight at Heather and Ian!

Anyone for cricket?

As the wind subdued a little, a short stroll around the lawns of Wood Hall Hotel was all that we needed to capture the spirit of these two on their wedding day. On our way back to the hotel an impromptu game of cricket had sprung up on the front patio, time for some classic bride playing cricket shots, TBH I think Heather wiped the floor with Ian at the cricket skills!

Time for wedding cake and partying

Back in the wedding breakfast room, we admired the cake adorned with tiny models of the all the things that made this couple themselves, not forgetting Ian’s bike and Heather’s monkey¬†bear! As the night drew in everyone relaxed into party mode and we left with the dance floor full and buffet on it’s way out :) Thanks for letting us share your amazing day Heather & Ian, very jealous of your South Korea and Japan honeymoon and your language skills to go with it!

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Venue: Wood Hall Hotel & Spa

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