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Carla & Adrian’s Saddleworth Hotel wedding was great to photograph, they were just themselves and rarely looked at the camera… perfect! This is the secret to better wedding photos :)

Carla’s Dad… Dave, loves his daughter so much he does everything for her, in fact I rarely spoke to Carla on the lead up to her wedding as all communication went through Dave… he’s a self-confessed (and whole heartedly backed up by Carla and family) control-freak (in the nicest possible way)… He’d stop me in my tracks during the wedding day – “you alright Pete”?… “you sure”? leaving me somewhat perplexed and amused, he has this effect on everyone it seemed :)

They also had an invite from Anthony (the hotel owner) to go for a moorland drive in his custom-made, two door Rolls Royce Phantom… err go on then! I tagged along at the couple’s invitation and grabbed some great photos whilst risking life and limb en-route to the moors (health and safety! baaahhh). They then went for a stroll in the moorland grass and heather, the scene was so Wuthering Heights!… beautiful :)