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A Manchester English Asian Wedding combo, a great mix of cultures and traditions – three days of great fun and colourful imagery.

Our first Asian wedding celebration. All the more cosmopolitan with an amazing grand English wedding in the mix, for this Manchester English Asian wedding combo :)

During our pre-wedding meeting with the Bride and Groom (Kate & Jamal) it soon became clear they only had a vague idea of what was to come. This was a monumental celebration organised by lots of people with a drive and rhythm all of its own.

The Mehndi celebration

The proceedings kicked off on Friday with the traditional Mehndi celebration held at Nawaab in start at 6pm… so as usual we got there a little earlier…and waited… and waited some more… Kate and Jamal arrived around 8.00pm with more key guests yet to appear – we were told this is ‘Asian time keeping’!

So, about two and a half hours late, it began! A small but vibrant procession erupted into the restaurant with a magnitude of noise and rhythm from the Dhol players, cute and colourful kids carrying candles followed by the bride and groom. The henna blessing and guests greetings followed once they arrived at their ‘throne’.

The evening continued with eating, very energetic bhangra dancing and the excited anticipation of the weekend’s festivities ahead.

A classic Manchester Town Hall wedding

Back on familiar ground on Sunday for their English ceremony and wedding celebrations at one of our favourite venues – Manchester Town Hall with it’s amazing gothic architecture and gorgeous light. Jamal and his groomsmen arrived very early making up for Friday, giving them plenty of time for a quickie in the Slug & Lettuce!
An amazing ceremony and drinks reception followed by some iconic images of the bride and groom in this stunning venue.
Following their post-ceremony ‘loosening up’ drinks reception at the town hall everyone took the short walk to Room on King Street – another amazing venue with it’s high ceilings, rich ambience and not forgetting those huge lampshades… this place is amazing and all the better for being very similar to the gothic architecture of the town hall. Kate also squeezed in a wedding tradition that not many brides go for these days… the bouquet throwing, people stopped in the street and came out of pubs to watch… great fun!

 The huge Walima finale

The finale for the weekend was back at Nawaab for the Walima celebration, with 300 guests! The dress for the Walima is very important, and Kate looked absolutely stunning! By now we felt like we knew all their family and friends and totally embraced the organised chaos – More dhol players, more food and some more bhangra dancing! An exhausting but incredibly enjoyable and varied weekend – bring on the next one!!

For a more recent Asian flavour wedding head over to our Hindu wedding from October 2015 or if you’d like to see more Manchester weddings just head back over to our blog and have a good flick through :)

Manchester English Asian Wedding Mehndi
Manchester English Asian Wedding flowers on wrist
Manchester Mendhi at nawaab
Manchester Mehndi girl in sari
English bride at Mehndi

girl twirling at wedding
Manchester Mehndi photography
Pinks and purples bridal bouquet
groomsmen Manchester wedding
bride getting ready with veil
bride going down stairs
bride and bouquet close up
Manchester wedding
String quartet in purple dresses
Manchester Town Hall Wedding arrival of bride
wedding flower girl
Manchester town hall wedding ceremony
Manchester town hall wedding photograph
Manchester town hall wedding ceremony
smiley girl in red headscarf
Manchester town Hall Wedding signing register
Manchester town hall wedding photography
Manchester town hall bride and groom
Manchester town hall wedding group photo
bride and bridesmaids
Manchester Town Hall Wedding groomsmen
Manchester wedding photographer town hall shot
On the corridors of MTH with bride and groom
bride Manchester wedding
bride and groom happy
wedding photography on the streets of Manchester
Manchester city centre wedding couple
city centre wedding photo
king street manchester wedding
room restaurant sign
girl eating fish and chip canape
Room Restaurant Manchester Wedding
black tie wedding guest
wedding flowers
Room Restaurant Manchester Wedding huge red lampshade
white wine and wedding flowers
room restaurant waiter
Room Restaurant Manchester Wedding
wedding speeches
wedding hugs
wedding guests moody lighting
wedding guests on phones
bride and groom
king street manchester wedding photography
bride and groom laughing
Bouquet throw manchester
wedding group shot
Manchester wedding first dance
Walima Manchester english bride
red saree wedding
Manchester English Asian Wedding walima
English bride asian red wedding sari
walima bride in mirror
blue rainbow aparthotel and bride
walima bride
Manchester English Asian Wedding
Walima Manchester
Walima Nawaab Manchester
walima bridal portrait
Manchester English Asian Wedding nawaab
Walima Nawaab Manchester
asian girl orange dress
smiley asian girl at wedding
mum and daughter laughing turquoise headscarf

little girl on red carpet at asian wedding Manchester

Manchester English Asian wedding photography by Pixies in the Cellar • Prices & ContactBlogHome

Mehndi & Walima venue: Nawaab

English wedding ceremony: Manchester Town Hall

English wedding reception: Room (2015 – no longer open), new King Street venues close by include Jamies’ Italian, King Street Townhouse and Hotel Gotham. Also keep your eyes peeled for the refurbished Stock Exchange, also amazing architecture…..

Walima bridal prep: Blue Rainbow Aparthotel