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St. Josephs’ Church Harrogate & Rudding Park Hotel Wedding Photography, with an after party Kalabari.

In the second part of our international wedding weekend, we were off to Yorkshire (that’s International for Pixies!) to document Victoria and Sotonte’s wedding, with an added late night Nigerian ceremony.

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding Photography

Ever since we’d been to look around at Rudding Park, Harrogate we were looking forward to this wedding, as come rain or shine this venue has plenty of photo opportunities and lots of space for guests to mingle whilst enjoying their drinks and canapés :) Both Sotonte and Victoria were getting ready at the hotel, which enabled us to snap away at both bride and groom preparing for their big day.

St Josephs’ Church wedding ceremony

At the church, Sotonte’s relatives arrived in traditional Nigerian outfits, amazing colours and textures everywhere! Victoria arrived at the church by horse and carriage, a surprise journey for her dad who was expecting a more modern version of four wheels. The ceremony was conducted by a priest who Victoria had known from her school days, which added extra significance and a friendly feel to the service.

Lots of Yorkshire sunshine for a smile filled wedding reception

Back at Rudding Park, the sun kept on shining, with everyone enjoying their reception drinks in front of the imposing frontage of the hotel. A short wander around just a small portion of the grounds, gave us plenty of amazing spots for great iconic wedding imagery and fun pics too! Whilst the guests enjoyed music from the quartet, great charicatures and fantastic Yorkshire sunshine.

Athletics & Nigerian wedding Kalabari, eventually!!!

Sotonte’s famed sporting prowess was challenged after the wedding breakfast, with a mass 100m dash….much to his dismay he was beaten, but only just, by one of his much younger relatives! Into the evening… Nigerian timing seemed to take over, after their first dance Sotonte and Victoria were whisked off to change in to Nigerian outfits, for a short traditional ceremony and dance (Kalabari). Great rhythms, colours, chanting and throwing of money ensued in a great finale to this fabulous Rudding Park Hotel wedding photography extravaganza – very tired Pixies!

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding photography

groomsmen getting ready

bridal prep chaos rudding park

bride and hairdresser

Groom wedding prep

Off white cappuccino Wedding dress

Rudding Park hotel Wedding photography rings

Rudding Park Wedding-8

Rudding Park Wedding-9

Rudding Park Wedding-10

Rudding Park Wedding-11

Yorkshire Wedding white flowers -12

Rudding Park Wedding-13

Rudding Park Wedding-14

Rudding Park Wedding-15

Rudding Park Wedding-16

Black and white wedding photography

Rudding Park Wedding-18

Rudding Park Wedding-19

Rudding Park Wedding-20

Manchester documentary wedding photographer

Rudding Park Wedding-22

Yorkshire Wedding Smiley bride -23

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding Documentary photography -24

Rudding Park Wedding-26

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding-27

Rudding Park hotel Wedding photography bride at window

bride and dad

English Nigerian Wedding

Nigerian wedding mother of groom

st josephs harrogate wedding

dad bride and groom in church

bestman groom bride and dad

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding Harrogate-35

exchanging wedding rings harrogate wedding

Rudding Park Wedding-37

signing wedding register st josephs harrogate

page boy harrogate wedding

Just married yorkshire wedding photo

wedding congratulation hugs

veil and bridal bouquet

smiling bride black and white

nigerian wedding guest

wedding guest red lipstick

wedding horse and carriage rudding park

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding photography horse and carriage

champagne glasses

wedding horses harrogate

Rudding Park hotel Wedding reception

wedding confetti

wedding funny walks

nigerian wedding guests yorkshire

mother of groom black and white

Man with beer and camera

smiling wedding guests

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding photography

classic bride and groom

spring wedding photo

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding photographer

Rudding Park Wedding stormy sky

Rudding Park hotel bride groom

Rudding Park Wedding-64

Rudding Park Wedding-65

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding-66

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding Documentary photography


Rudding Park Wedding reception

Rudding Park hotel Wedding photographers

twirling bride

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding bride groom walking

pink rhodedendrons wedding

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding photography

bride groom sat on bench

bride and mum walking

Rudding Park Wedding guests

wedding favours

bride in wedding breakfast room

white flowers in floral vases

Rudding Park Wedding reception

Rudding Park Wedding documentary natural photography

looking at wedding table plan

wedding guest in hat

nigerian lady and wedding table plan

bride rudding park hotel harrogate

wedding speeches father of bride

bride and tears

bride looking at groom

wedding guest tears

listening to wedding speeches

string quartet

Rudding Park Wedding races

wedding race

wedding friends

Rudding Park Hotel Wedding photography

rudding park hotel wedding photography at night

Rudding Park Wedding-100

Rudding Park Wedding-101

Rudding Park Wedding-103

Rudding Park Wedding-104

Rudding Park Wedding first dance

Rudding Park hotel Wedding photo first dance

Rudding Park Wedding-107

Rudding Park Wedding-108

Rudding Park Wedding-109

English Nigerian Wedding Manchester Photographer -110

English Nigerian Wedding Manchester Photographer

English Nigerian Wedding Manchester Photographer colourful

Rudding Park Wedding-113

Rudding Park Wedding-114

Rudding Park Wedding-115

Rudding Park Wedding-116

Rudding Park Wedding-117

Rudding Park Wedding-118

English Nigerian Wedding Manchester Photography-119

Rudding Park Wedding-120

Rudding Park Wedding-121

Rudding Park Wedding-122

Rudding Park Wedding-123

Rudding Park Wedding-124

Rudding Park Wedding-125


Rudding Park Hotel Wedding Photography by Pixies in the Cellar

Venue: Rudding Park Hotel

Characateurist: Paul Flatley

String Quartet: Events Music Company

DJ: Charlie C from The Hi-Life

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