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Sam & Adam – A glitzy sports car filled wedding at Thornham St. James church and The Saddleworth Hotel

The day started with a lot of bridesmaids in the hairdressers, two Pixies and Charlene from Love Gets Sweeter Wedding films – I think we definitely covered the hair and make-up angle between us all! The boys arrived as the rain clouds opened, but who noticed the rain when they arrived in such style, with two lamborghinis and a Nissan GTR – Adam knew some great friends to call upon for those favours!

Pixie umbrellas at the ready, we most certainly captured the rain alongside the groomsmen :) More cars and glitz as the bridesmaids arrived by Rolls Royce Phantom and Maserati Quattroporte, from The Saddleworth Hotel and the bride in a Beauford Tourer from Horgans. The rain still fell, such a shame as the day before had been so sunny, you just can’t trust an English summer! Plan B came into action so a big group photo of everyone inside the church. Back at the Saddleworth hotel the clouds parted in time for some more signature wedding photographs in the impressive grounds of the hotel.

After the wedding breakfast when everyone was more chilled out, the sun finally made an appearance, so action stations for a quick evening shot and then on to the impressive array of cars which just had to be documented! Congratulations to Sam and Adam :)

Saddleworth Wedding-48


Saddleworth Wedding-2


Saddleworth Wedding-1


Saddleworth Wedding-3


Saddleworth Wedding-4


Saddleworth Wedding-6


Saddleworth Wedding-5



Saddleworth Wedding-8


Saddleworth Wedding-9


Saddleworth Wedding-11


Saddleworth Wedding-10


Saddleworth Wedding-12


Saddleworth Wedding-13


Saddleworth Wedding-15


Saddleworth Wedding-14


Saddleworth Wedding-16


Saddleworth Wedding-17


Saddleworth Wedding-18


Saddleworth Wedding-19


Saddleworth Wedding-20


Saddleworth Wedding-21


Saddleworth Wedding-22


Saddleworth Wedding-23


Saddleworth Wedding-24


Saddleworth Wedding-25


Saddleworth Wedding-26


Saddleworth Wedding-27


Saddleworth Wedding-29


Saddleworth Wedding-31


Saddleworth Wedding-32


Saddleworth Wedding-33


Saddleworth Wedding-35


Sports cars at a Saddleworth Hotel Wedding


Saddleworth Wedding-37


Saddleworth Wedding-39


Saddleworth Wedding-41


Saddleworth Wedding-40


Saddleworth Wedding-42


Saddleworth Wedding-43


Saddleworth Wedding-44


Saddleworth Wedding-45


Saddleworth Wedding-47


Saddleworth Wedding-49


Saddleworth Wedding-50


Saddleworth Wedding-53


Saddleworth Wedding-52


Saddleworth Wedding-54


Saddleworth Wedding-55


Saddleworth Wedding-57


Saddleworth Wedding-56


Saddleworth Wedding-61


Saddleworth Wedding-60


Saddleworth Wedding-63


Saddleworth Wedding-66


Saddleworth Wedding-65


Sports cars at a Saddleworth Hotel Wedding


Saddleworth Wedding-69


Saddleworth Wedding-68


Saddleworth Wedding-70

Venue: Saddleworth Hotel

Flowers: Kelly Louise Floral Artistry

Car: Horgans cars

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Cake: Marks & Spencer, decorated by Kelly Louise

Hair salon: Razz & Co

Wedding Film: Love Gets Sweeter Films – Sam & Adam’s wedding highlights film


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