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Booking a Lake District Winter Wedding, be prepared for the weather ;)

Rain, rain and more rain!….but one very tough bride and groom determined for some outdoor shots! Bring it on! We just loved this Dale Lodge Hotel, Lake District Winter Wedding in the cute village of Grasmere :)

Nicole & Chris are friends of Sarah & Chris, who’s wedding we shot under somewhat different weather conditions back in 2012, recalling the search for shade from a glaring sun….today it would be a little different, nearly the shortest day and some very persistent grey objects in the sky! Dale Lodge Hotel, all dressed up for Christmas a cosy warm refuge from the winter deluge :)

Wedding waterworks – rain and tears!

The rain just didn’t seem to stop, the guys braved the weather with trusty umbrellas in hand trying to dodge the huge puddles, made for some great shots though and caught the spirit of the day! A candle lit aisle, candelabras from the ceiling and plenty of winter decorations made the room fell very opulent yet cosy. Their personal vows took a little longer than anticipated as Chris was suddenly overcome with emotion and just couldn’t get his words out! It’s always the boys – they never expect it!

Indoor wedding photography to keep all your guests happy :)

Still raining so a very very cosy group shot from the stairs managed to get nearly everyone in with a bit of furniture rearranging! Then almost regal stately home style smaller group shots in front of the big bay windows.

Crazy bride & groom…

Then for the adventure, Nicole and Chris had a favourite bridge in mind for their signature shot, a place where they’d walked many times – so off we went, wellies on! Negotiating slippy slate bridges, we took to the path….a little further on the path was a river and Chris didn’t have his wellies on! Not to worry the beginning of the path was still a great rainy winter scene and we even got onlookers…I think they were wondering who was crazy enough to have their wedding photos in this weather!

Back in the warm and dry of Dale Lodge Hotel

Back at Dale Lodge everyone dried off and there was time for a few more shots once the guests had sat down in the wedding breakfast room. Speeches before the wedding breakfast meant everyone could enjoy their food and the partying could begin!

Congratulations Nicole and Chris – we’re glad you were as crazy as us – just to get some great pics of your Lake District winter wedding :)

For a touch more sunshine, try our next visit to Dale Lodge in summer!!

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Lake District Winter Wedding Photography at Dale Lodge Hotel by Pixies in the Cellar