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Sarah and Paul’s wedding set against the rugged, windswept backdrop of Saddleworth Moor was a classic, timeless and joyous affair tinged with deep sadness.

When I first met the ‘newly-wed’s to be’, Paul told me he recognised the car driving down his road was the photographers, due to the speed and sound of the engine – this gave quite a good indication into the workings of Paul’s mind… he’s a bit of a geeky intellectual with a very impressive dry sense of humour, this became evident at the wedding speeches where I rarely take any notice due to being more observational then being involved… but I caught myself chuckling along with his perfectly timed and acute awareness into the world around him.

It was always the plan for the Sarah’s dad to walk her down the aisle, but fate took a unsavoury turn as within weeks of the wedding Sarah’s dad became so poorly he was unable to attend the wedding. Sarah and Paul visited her dad in the hospice twice on their wedding day, he may not have attended but he certainly saw his beautiful daughter on what should have been the happiest day of her life.

I ‘burned the midnight oil’ preparing their wedding photos so Sarah’s dad could see her wedding day in it’s entirety. Not quite the same as being there but he could see the whole day from start to finish, and even some bits that guests don’t see on the day too!

The wedding day itself at The Saddleworth Hotel was amazing and must have been everything Sarah and Paul could have hoped for. Their theme was Las Vegas, with the tables named as hotels on the Vegas strip, as Paul LOVES Vegas – which will be their eventual honeymoon location. They are two of the nicest people you could ever meet and we were privileged to share their day and be able to record it in pictures to share with Sarah’s dad too :)