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Charlotte & Andy presented me with a unique request… To shoot their bridal portraits even though they were already married.

Their wedding was photographed by a family friend who did a solid job I must say, unfortunately the day was a little too rushed (and wet) to capture any bride and groom ‘arty’ photos… This is where I came in :)

We decided to have a bridal shoot of contrasts, we picked two locations… one rustic/quirky and the other sunny, green and countryside themed (one great advantage of having a post-wedding shoot… you can pick a beautiful day, if it rains simply pick another day).

First location was (a derelict) Oakwood Mill in Millbrook, the weather was stunning… a little too stunning really, a few clouds wouldn’t have gone amiss here. No worries, we used the sun’s advantage instead of fighting it, capturing some rather strong, dynamic and dramatic images. Numerous off-camera, bare-faced flash units at full power were used to capture these images… the sun needed taming but was very powerful indeed.  We then moved into the shade to add a little ‘rustic’ flavour to their shoot.

Off to Dunham Massey for their second installment. First thing we did was tuck into our well-earned picnic with an impromptu ‘Bob Dylan’ performance from a musician across the lake :) We than captured some typical sun-drenched English countryside images, some quirky and some… well, summery really :)

This was a shoot that contrasts Cheshire perfectly, from the timeless shadows of an industrial era to the refinement of a typical Cheshire country park – A perfect day :)

Hair and makeup by Pilar of Perfect You.
Bouquet by Hearts & Flowers.