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When Chloe first arrived at Pixies HQ the whole entourage was there, so we’d already met the whole family!!!

Arriving in style, as always at The Saddleworth Hotel in the open top Rolls Royce, chauffeured by Anthony in cravat and trilby! – alongside a tearful father of the bride and the popping of champagne corks – with glasses for everyone! The clouds had blown over and the sun came out, there were a few goosebumps – but the outdoor ceremony space at The Saddleworth is too good an opportunity to pass up especially as the groom had helped decorate it earlier!

Chloe and James had the stunning ballroom setting for their reception, whilst their guests relaxed with drinks and canapes, we were off taking pictures in the woods with James carrying Chloe over cattle grids!

We left them to dine in style, with family and friends and the fire roaring in the city-chic ballroom.