Lancashire’s best wedding venues all in one place.

We like to be helpful, the whole wedding thing is a mine field of planning, so we’ve made these local county guides to help in your search for the perfect wedding venue!

Have a good look through our guide, which is based on our experience of shooting weddings at some of the best venues across Lancashire. We’ve not shot at all these venues, some are just places we’ve come across on google or through other people, or just by hanging around in the wedding industry for so long! If you’re looking for somewhere you’ve not seen anywhere else you might just find it here, we do love those alternative, quirky finds as well as a bit of the good old outdoors :)

Lancashire really does have some wedding venue gems hidden in those valleys and old industrial towns – see you there :) Pixies in the Cellar – Lancashire wedding venue guide

Once you’re all set up with your venue, do drop us a line we’d love to join you for your day’s celebrations ….