The best rustic Derbyshire venues and a few further afield…

Pick up a brew or a glass of something stronger and peruse our musings on finding our own wedding venue in Derbyshire. We were looking for something where lots of people could camp and somewhere a bit different, mostly in Derbyshire but there’s a bit of Wales in there too! Loads of people have used this as there go to venue finder for the area, so I guest’s not bad at what it does. We got married a few years ago now, but do keep adding to this as we see other cool quirky venues emerge, all the juicy info is in the link below.

Pixies in the Cellar Derbyshire wedding venues with a rustic outdoorsy twist ;)

Obviously as wedding photographers we’d love to join you in your celebrations and capture all the fun and frolics of your day.

Do get in touch once you’ve found your ideal (there’s always a compromise!) wedding venue :) See you there