West Coast USA Road Trip

Cream cheese bagels, orange rocks and a green van

Warning: There are no brides or grooms in this post!

Although we did stalk a wedding in SF and also visit the City Hall in SF to see where some of those Chrisman Studios weddings take place, I guess we just can’t help ourselves ;)

Anyway ever since the times of neolithic man Pete has fancied a trip to Californ-I-A and well no-one’s getting any younger so 2018 was the year of holidays and we took an extra month off in September to sample the delights of the West. Yep we did the usual touristy circle, with maybe a few blips off here n there but we did hire an awesome custom painted camper van from Escape – which we still miss now and we did take fairy lights to decorate said camper (thanks Josie & Ian of Big Bear films for the tip!)

So here’s a few pics, if you want more info on our rough trip and what we loved the most then there’s plenty more waffle down below.

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Is that the Burning Man After Party?!?!? Indeed it is :0 How cool was that, just mooching along Venice Beach and find this amazing technicolour craziness – awesome, at least part of the Burning Man bucket list ticked off :)

So the rest of the trip, whilst we weren’t hanging and boarding with the cool kids on Venice Beach ;) Fave moments and best bits, as you don’t want the whole diary of what soup we ate or how many campfires we snuggled around! National Parks are what the USA is made for and made for loads of wow moments from the huge-ness of El Capitan, the incomprehensible vastness of the Grand Canyon, amazing colour and light at Bryce Canyon, trees that reach the sky, not forgetting the existence of banana slugs!

We for one had never heard of Zion NP, apparently it’s famous too but this was another unexpected highlight, I’d hoped to climb Angel’s Landing a scary climb to an amazing viewpoint but all was closed due to massive landslides. Hey hum but this meant we walked ‘the Narrows’ instead an amazing walk in the river up a super skinny canyon – very wet boots n socks but such a fab experience.

One of those moments of coincidence that happen all the time, in a crowd of hundreds of tourists Pete leant his 16mm lens to another Fuji user, only to find he lived just a few miles down the road from us back at home – “hi” to Phil & Erica if you’re reading this!

Best toilet…one of those you just see in films, a falling down shed with half a door but what a view over Monument Valley :)

Pete’s dream fulfilled cruising the boardwalks and streets of Venice Beach by longboard, as well as cruising and carving parts of Route 66 and those San Francisco parks.

Getting caught in the biggest coldest rain storm at the Grand Canyon, huddling like penguins for warmth and shelter – whilst the National Park service did an amazing job rallying extra buses to rescue us all :) Bit of adversity always great for the human spirit!

Our van, it’s funky Jungle Book design, cooking, sleeping, eating, driving, waving, it’s chunky looks and just stopping for a random brew whenever, wherever – I did take my own Yorkshire teabags, to make sure it was a good brew!!

Some vaguely useful info to finish off

Route: San Francisco – Yosemite – Kings Canyon – Vegas Zion NP (The Narrows) – Bryce Canyon – Horse Shoe Bend/Antelope Canyon – Monument Valley – Grand Canyon –  Flintstones World! – Route 66 (Williams, Seligman, Oatman) – Joshua Tree – Ontario (LA – car show) – Venice beach -Santa Barbara/Solvang- Highway One – Monterey/Santa Cruz – Big Basin & Portola Redwood StateParks – San Francisco

Van: Escape Campervans

Pete’s folding longboard perfect for hols: Board Up

Top tips: Josie & Ian – Big Bear wedding films and Escape campervan experts :)


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    on 27/03/2019  11:38 am

    WOW! magical photos guys, strong colours and scenery, thank you for sharing!